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Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover

Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover

Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is specifically formulated to safely and effectively remove lead based coating systems applied prior to 1978 from steel structures, tanks, bridges and structural support members.  Innovative self-sealing performance characteristics allow the product to remain in a moist state and does not require the use of Dumond® Laminated Paper.  Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is a cost-effective method for removing up to 30 coats of lead based coating systems in a single application providing the first coat is organic.  By keeping the lead paint in a wet state, no airborne lead dust is generated.  This water-based, zero VOC formulation does not contain methylene chloride.  Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover is formulated without flammable solvents, no harmful odors or fumes and can be easily applied by trowel or the appropriate industrial spray equipment. 

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Product Description & Use: Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover is a water based paste remover specifically formulated for the removal of lead-based or organic paint from steel structures. Its self-sealing characteristics allow it to remain moist and continue working through multiple layers without requiring any cover. Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover will adhere quickly and cling to vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces, making it ideal for steel bridges and structures.

Features & Benefits:

Zero VOC


Water based


Does not contain methylene chloride or flammable solvents

Does not require the use of Dumond Laminated paper or Citri-Lize™ neutralizer

Limitations: Not recommended to be used on any other surfaces besides steel. Always do a test patch prior to full removal.

Test Patch: Always perform a small inconspicuous test area on each type of substrate and paint coating prior to full application. Testing before beginning any project is the best way to ensure product effectiveness. Test patches can determine the proper dwell time and thickness to apply the product for you specific application. Failure to do a test patch can result in need for more than one application, increasing labor and material costs.

Recommended Substrates: Before applying to the entire substrate always do a test patch. Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover is only recommended for the use on steel surfaces.

Regulatory Information: VOC compliance - Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover meets national, state and local regulations.

Preparation: Prepare surface by scraping or pressure washing to remove all loose or peeling coatings. Allow substrate to dry before applying Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover. Protect and cover all areas, vegetation and surfaces not designated to be stripped including adjoining surfaces where overspray may travel. Solvent resistant polyethylene sheets can be used as an effective barrier. Wet down all vegetation and cover with Dumond® Catch-N-Cover™ or 6 mil solvent resistant polyethylene sheets.

Surface and Air Temperatures: To avoid product from freezing and reducing effectiveness do not use below 35° degrees Fahrenheit. For best results, use product in temperatures above 50° degrees Fahrenheit and below 90° degrees Fahrenheit. Product effectiveness is increased in warmer temperatures.

Application & Spread Rate: Dumond® Chemicals always recommends working in smaller manageable areas when striping unless you are working with a large number of people, only strip what you can rinse before the remover dries, usually a 4’ X 4’ area. Using a trowel apply paste at least ¼” according to test patch results. For 48 hour dwell time ½” inch is recommended. When applying onto irregular surfaces use nylon brush to force paste into intricate areas. Product can dwell 12-48 hours if necessary. Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover provides an average spread rate of approximately 20 Sq. Ft. per gallon; results may vary based on substrate texture and porosity.

Spray Application: Dumond® Chemicals recommends that Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover be sprayed with a large texture sprayer. Pump size should be at least ¾ gallon per min. All filters and manifolds should be removed prior to spraying. Hose size 25’ X 1”. Nozzle, trigger texture gun with a 10 fluid nozzle with medium disk. Use high fluid pressure and high pressure at the gun. Keep a clean bucket of water available, as an occasional flush of the pump may be necessary on hot days to alleviate clogs and the pumps inability to build up pressure. Do not leave Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover in sprayer or spray lines overnight. Flush sprayer and hose thoroughly each day and upon completion with warm water.

Removal & Clean Up: Remove by inserting trowel, spatula, or other paint scraping tool under paste and scraping product from the surface. After all paste has been removed use a nylon brush or Scotch™ Brite pad and clean water to scrub residue off the substrate, paying particular attention to crevices, grooves, edges, bolts and cracks. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all remaining residue. For optimal results, low pressure washing is recommended for final rinse when working outside. Remember, only strip what you can rinse before the remover dries, usually a 4’ X 4’ area. Dispose of paste remover and dissolved coatings according to federal, state and local regulations.

Waste Disposal: When lead-based paint coatings are being removed from a substrate, disposal of the resulting waste is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many state and local agencies. Federal standards for classification, handling and disposal of potentially hazardous wastes are detailed in EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) of 1976. Additional, more stringent regulations may be imposed by state and local regulatory authorities.

Best Practices:

Always test each type of surface and paint coating for efficacy, dwell times and thickness. Let the Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover dwell at least 12 hours before removing.

Never apply Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover and leave it for 24-48 hours without checking on it

If product dries or hardens to the surface apply a thin coat of Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover on hardened area and wait 30 minutes to 1 hour and remove.

Health & Safety Requirements: Not for internal consumption. While Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Surfaces Remover is formulated to be safe for the user, surface and environment, proper safety procedures should be followed at all times when handling this product. Read the full label and MSDS for precautionary instructions before use. 24-Hour Emergency Information: 1-800-535-5053 North America or 1-325-323-3500 International

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