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Paint Removal Neutralizer

Paint strippers use strong chemicals in order to dissolve paint and allow you to remove the paint layers from the surface you have treated. However, with most paint removers, once you have scraped the surface and removed all of the old paint you need to neutralize the surface. If you do not neutralize the surface any future painting will not bond. The surface that has been stripped needs to reach a certain pH level, pH 7. Neutralizing products are very effective at restoring the pH level of the surface quickly. Ensuring the surface is clean from debris and dirt, you dissolve the solution in water and apply to the surface. After allowing to work in to the surface, you scrub the surface with a brush before rinsing off. You can test the surface with a strip of pH paper to get an accurate reading before proceeding. Always check the individual instructions for the paint stripper you have used to check the manufacturer's recommendations, if there is no clear guideline and you are unsure about anything please give our sales team a call for advice.


Save over $69 now on our environmentally friendly paint remover package including Peel Away 7 1-Gallon and Smart Strip 1-Gallon for only $129.99 and you'll see great results! PEEL AWAY® 7 is an environmentally safe paint remover used to remove oil and latex paint. Works well when removing paint from wood to be kept it's natural color after stripping. Should be used in all situations where you are looking to keep the wood in its natural form.

Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® removes 15 LAYERS OF PAINT IN ONE SINGLE APPLICATION. It is a unique paint remover that is 100% biodegradable, safe for the user, the surfaces to be stripped and the environment. Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® is very effective for removing multiple layers of paint, industrial coatings and architectural finishes from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces. Works wonders on painted brick, all kinds of wood products, metals, stone, plaster, concrete, fiberglass and much more! Great for Acrylic Paint, Latex Paint, Lead Based Paint, Oil Based Paint, Shellac, Stains, Urethane and Water Based Paints. Order Now and Save!