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Deck Cleaners

Having a clean deck will give your whole home a fresh look. Clean all of your external wood with our deck cleaning products. Decks, furniture, fencing, vinyl and siding can all be brought back up to new with a small amount of effort and cost. The highly concentrated formula in the deck cleaning products we stock will go a long way to removing dirt, mildew, algae, weathered damage and stains. Giving your deck a clean, fresh and satisfying look that will leave visitors asking how they can achieve the same. Application is quick and easy, you can use a garden pump sprayer to cover large surface areas with ease. Unless you are looking to remove some minor staining there is no need to scrub, a light brushing and rinse will do the job. Deck cleaners provide a cost effective way to give your deck a polished and clean look. We offer products at affordable prices, making cleaning your deck a good value for money exercise.


Save over $69 now on our environmentally friendly paint remover package including Peel Away 7 1-Gallon and Smart Strip 1-Gallon for only $129.99 and you'll see great results! PEEL AWAY® 7 is an environmentally safe paint remover used to remove oil and latex paint. Works well when removing paint from wood to be kept it's natural color after stripping. Should be used in all situations where you are looking to keep the wood in its natural form.

Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® removes 15 LAYERS OF PAINT IN ONE SINGLE APPLICATION. It is a unique paint remover that is 100% biodegradable, safe for the user, the surfaces to be stripped and the environment. Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® is very effective for removing multiple layers of paint, industrial coatings and architectural finishes from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces. Works wonders on painted brick, all kinds of wood products, metals, stone, plaster, concrete, fiberglass and much more! Great for Acrylic Paint, Latex Paint, Lead Based Paint, Oil Based Paint, Shellac, Stains, Urethane and Water Based Paints. Order Now and Save!