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PaintRemover.com offers innovative and environmentally safe products in the areas of Paint Removal, Coatings Removal, Lead Paint Abatement, Stone & Masonry Care, Graffiti Removal, Graffiti Protection, Grease Removal, Oil Removers, Hand Cleaners, Mastic Removal, Mold & Mildew Removal, Carpet Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners and other related commercial and household products.


We are committed to finding and marketing the finest products available to remove unwanted paint, chemicals, glues, coatings, graffiti, mold, stains and dirt from the toughest surfaces.

We sell these exceptional products DIRECT TO THE CONSUMER AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! We believe in providing fair discount pricing, quick order processing and reliable fulfillment on all orders along with excellent customer service and technical advice. We truly care about our customers and know that a satisfied customer will be a repeat buyer for years to come.

Our business has been built on one to one client contact and repeat orders. Please call us with any question you may have. We know often it is difficult to select the proper product for your specific “removal project.” Our technical staff will be happy to work with you to find the solution that works for you. Please call us to inquire about the right products for your project, even if you are not ready to order.

We at PaintRemover.com are proud to represent excellent products for sale DIRECT TO CONSUMERS, ARCHITECTS, AND CONTRACTORS through this website. We believe, since we are solely an online merchant, we can provide you with the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES AND THE MOST RELIABLE SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. At PaintRemover.com we work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction!


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Save over $69 now on our environmentally friendly paint remover package including Peel Away 7 1-Gallon and Smart Strip 1-Gallon for only $129.99 and you'll see great results! PEEL AWAY® 7 is an environmentally safe paint remover used to remove oil and latex paint. Works well when removing paint from wood to be kept it's natural color after stripping. Should be used in all situations where you are looking to keep the wood in its natural form.

Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® removes 15 LAYERS OF PAINT IN ONE SINGLE APPLICATION. It is a unique paint remover that is 100% biodegradable, safe for the user, the surfaces to be stripped and the environment. Smart Strip™ by Peel Away® is very effective for removing multiple layers of paint, industrial coatings and architectural finishes from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces. Works wonders on painted brick, all kinds of wood products, metals, stone, plaster, concrete, fiberglass and much more! Great for Acrylic Paint, Latex Paint, Lead Based Paint, Oil Based Paint, Shellac, Stains, Urethane and Water Based Paints. Order Now and Save!